The new age of sustainable skincare

Using only ingredients that your skin needs, nothing more

At Skye Skincare, we don't believe in sacrificing product image for environmentally friendly products. All our products are 100% natural, containing no harsh chemicals or preservatives, and vegan and animal

 cruelty free.


We exist to bring change to the skincare industry

North American Made

Made in Canada 


All packaging is made only in North America


Labels made in Canada 

100% Natural and Vegan

Environmentally friendly 

Recyclable packaging

Using only the cleanest ingredients

Photo Ready

Never sacrificing image for function

Instagram worthy products 

Luxury feeling without the price 


Products we love

With prices you'll love even more

Made in Canada

Using packaging made in North America

We believe in supporting local businesses and the North American economy by only using packaging that has been made in our own country.


Instagram worthy products

Committed to Quality

We don't believe in sacrificing image for product function, we want you to have it all. You deserve to have attractive, luxury products that you can't get enough of. The best part is they're made of the best quality ingredients without the luxury price.